Best Favourites" Recording on CBC

CBC Radio:

To Maryam whose sweet voice is music to my ears. Under Your Spell a positive and joyful composition of skilled musical performance of Dariush Afrasiabi. A performance which has been enlightened by magical voice of Maryam that made it to the ten Best Favourites Recordings of 2008 on CBC Radio Fresh Air program.


The Wholenote Music Magazine

The Wholenote Magazine:

Maryam Toumrai
is another fine example of what the world has to offer. Born in Iran, raised in Ghana, West Africa and musically schooled in Toronto, Toumrai draws on her classical training and credits a wide variety of influences from Cecilia Bartoli to Linda Ronstadt for her sound. Under Your Spell is her debut CD as a lead vocalist and it is a lovely collection of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean sounds. The gorgeous compositions are written by Dariush Afrasiabi (except for Sheherazad, by Rimsky-Korsakov) who also contributes the fine guitar work. Toumrai’s emotive mezzo-soprano voice soars over the gentle guitar and bass foundation with haunting effect.